Step One

Scheduling Your Service
Within the checkout process you can find a few questions regarding what day your trash is picked up and at what time during the day. With this information and a submitted invoice, we will contact you via email confirming your day of service. On these days we ask that you please leave your bins on the curb after your trash has been emptied until we arrive to complete our service.

Step Two

Clean & Disinfect
Upon our arrival, we will place any trash left over in your bin into a small bag to be placed back into your bin one its clean.Then your bins are put into our universal lifter where a 360 degree pressurized head will spray 200 degree water into every crevice of your dirty bin. Once the inside is clean we will pressure wash the outside of the bin, completing the cleaning of your bin.

Step Three

Once your bin has been cleaned and sanitized we spray your bins with our eco-friendly deodorizer that leaves your bin smelling better than new.

Step Four

Service Completed
We will place your upgraded trash bins back in your desired location. We will place a sticker on the lid of your bin showing you the your service has been completed.